Melanie Flood Projects, in collaboration with Adams and Ollman, is pleased to announce an exhibition with the artists and contributors to the zine Free Spirit News. Founded in 2008 and based in Portland, Oregon, Free Spirit News is a free local publication that embodies collaboration and participation from a wide array of artists, writers, thinkers, other “free spirits" from around the world. With idiosyncratic content and a penchant for the nonsensical and the absurd, each issue includes a raucous mix of comics, doodles, jokes and poetry.

Their exhibition, Fourth Dimensional Issues—other titles in the running included Bumbling Through Life, Idiots Guide to Cartooners for Dummies, G.O.O.F.S. (The Galleristic Onanism of Free Spirit) and Rag Against The Machine—will be on view July 12 through August 10 at Melanie Flood Projects in Portland, Oregon.

Inspired by radical and counterculture magazines, comics and street theater groups such as Mad Magazine, Zap Comix, Mothers News, and the Diggers of San Francisco, Free Spirit News offers irreverence and creativity as the “news of the spirit” available free of charge to all who come across it at local coffee shops, records stores and bars. Twelve collaborative editions have been published since its founding and each thematic issue has challenged dominant modes of communication, commerce and image-making. United by a shared graphic sensibility and commitment to inclusion, the artists represented in the exhibition deftly skewer and satirize all aspects of life, politics and popular culture.

The playful content and lo-fi aesthetics of Free Spirit News translate to the gallery space in this exhibition that will include painting, drawing, sculpture and animation from the Free Spirit News editors and a wide circle of contributors and friends. Additionally, performances and events will be held in conjunction with the exhibition including a live drawing and dance party with Spoiler Room, an audiovisual media collective that creates site-specific “TV parties” and a seminar by Dawn Riddle in collaboration with Joel Stotesbery on "Harnessing Marketing Potential in the Multiverse Age.”

Artists included in Fourth Dimensional Issues include: Adam Amram, Sean Christensen, Espen Friberg, Leif Goldberg, Natalie Anne Howard, Dave Hubner, Dylan Jones, Maren Karlson, Joshua Kermiet, Jeffrey Kriksciun, Corey Lunn, Eric W. Mast, Dino Matt, Kevin McNamee-Tweed, Nick Norman, Mike Olson, Dawn Riddle, Maya Rose, Karissa Sakumoto, Raf Spielman and Lasse Wandschneider.